I have been fearful of many things in my life, but none of these fears has been any intense on me than the reality that I would be clocking a new age today. Damn! It terrifies that thing you call adulthood out of me.

You know what happens when…

To put this straight, I have no idea what I would be writing in this piece, because today just should not have been today.

I had woken up today with a low energy and no zeal to do anything. Firstly, it was waking up some minutes past 6 which could…

I remember you. Today, I remember you as a boy. As a friend. I remember you through the notes where you had written what you won't become. Evidently, no one was sure about you not living those dreams. …

…I walk into things,
Because I walk around half-blind,
As my only view of the world is from
Behind an ever-present layer of tears
Just waiting to drop.

— What’s your eye defect? (Page 17)

Being someone that frequently space-shifts between emotions and feelings, I do not always get to…

Lately, I have wanted to write about a lot of things, like writing about my newfound love. And about holding on to glad tidings. Most times, my affinity to write has been inclined towards positivity and optimism which is unusual. But I think I like this new feeling. I think…


The product — WhatsApp

“More than 2 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere. WhatsApp is free and offers simple, secure, reliable messaging and calling, available on phones all over the world.” — culled from WhatsApp

Beyond that, WhatsApp has posed to…

I conducted user interviews to understand how, Pharmacie, a feature in a medical application that enables patients to be able to request for drug prescription and renew prescription. While there are other extreme users, my research and solution focused on these two primary users:

  • One who uses the app to…

This is dedicated to Rianat, Teefah, Bintu, Lola, Olamilekan, Tola, Folasade & Kehinde. To everyone who helped me in one way or the other in other to keep floating. To fellow sane madman finding clarity. and To myself.

This is me in November of 2020

Part One: Prelude To This Madness

I have always wanted to live without the hassle of wanting to…

When we started out in 2019, Mujeeb, Yussuf and I had come together to build a platform to promote African arts, our focus being on visual arts. And because it was African, I was eager towards it. So we did the necessary things, built the platform, and formed a team…

Love Does Not Change A Sociopath

“Hello babe! What should I get you and the kids?”

I was driving along Ring Road when I pulled over at Palms Mall to call my wife. And asking her that question wasn’t alien to her. …

Malik Kolade

Thinker and Writer | Design Enthusiast | Advocate for Inclusive Digital Skills At Secondary Education Level. "I am lost, and I want to be found."

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