Lately, I have wanted to write about a lot of things, like writing about my newfound love. And about holding on to glad tidings. Most times, my affinity to write has been inclined towards positivity and optimism which is unusual. But I think I like this new feeling. I think…

This is dedicated to Rianat, Teefah, Bintu, Lola, Olamilekan, Tola, Folasade & Kehinde. To everyone who helped me in one way or the other in other to keep floating. To fellow sane madman finding clarity. and To myself.

This is me in November of 2020

Part One: Prelude To This Madness

I have always wanted to live without the hassle of wanting to…

Malik Kolade

Thinker and Writer | Design Enthusiast | Advocate for Inclusive Digital Skills At Secondary Education Level. "I am lost, and I want to be found."

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